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ben napier weight loss

 ben napier weight loss

Ben Napier is a well-known American television personality and builder who gained recognition through his work on the HGTV show "Home Town". Napier is also an active social media user, where he often shares updates about his personal life, including his weight loss journey. In this article, we will delve into Ben Napier's weight loss journey, discussing the changes he made in his diet and lifestyle that led to his impressive transformation.


Ben Napier was born on September 24, 1983, in Laurel, Mississippi. He grew up in a small town called Lolo, where he learned the skills of woodworking and carpentry from his grandfather. Napier later attended the University of Mississippi, where he met his wife, Erin Napier. After completing his degree, Napier returned to Laurel and started his own construction company, Scotsman Co.

In 2016, Ben and Erin Napier were approached by HGTV to create a show about their work in renovating homes in their hometown. The show, "Home Town," premiered in 2017 and has since become a hit among viewers. The show follows the couple as they work on homes in the small town of Laurel, Mississippi, and showcases their unique design style and woodworking skills.

Ben Napier's Weight Loss Journey

In recent years, Ben Napier has become increasingly vocal about his weight loss journey on social media. In 2020, he revealed that he had lost over 55 pounds, sparking interest among his followers about how he achieved his impressive transformation. In an interview with Country Living, Napier discussed his weight loss journey and the changes he made to his diet and lifestyle.

Changing His Diet
One of the key changes that Ben Napier made to his lifestyle was his diet. He acknowledged that he had a "very unhealthy" relationship with food and that he would often indulge in high-calorie meals and snacks. Napier shared that he started making small changes to his diet, such as cutting back on sugary drinks and processed foods. He also started incorporating more fruits and vegetables into his meals, which helped him feel fuller for longer and reduce his overall calorie intake.

Napier also shared that he started tracking his food intake using a food journal. This allowed him to keep track of his calorie intake and make adjustments to his diet as needed. Additionally, Napier cut back on his alcohol consumption, which helped him reduce his overall calorie intake and improve his overall health.

Incorporating Exercise into His Routine
In addition to making changes to his diet, Ben Napier also started incorporating exercise into his daily routine. Napier shared that he had always been a "big guy" and that he had never really enjoyed exercise. However, he acknowledged that he needed to make changes to his lifestyle if he wanted to improve his health and well-being.

Napier started by taking short walks around his neighborhood and gradually increased the distance and intensity of his workouts. He also started doing strength training exercises, which helped him build muscle and increase his metabolism. Napier shared that he found it helpful to have a workout buddy to keep him motivated and accountable.

Staying Motivated
Ben Napier's weight loss journey was not without its challenges. He shared that there were times when he felt discouraged and struggled to stay motivated. However, he acknowledged that having a support system was crucial to his success.

Napier shared that he received a lot of support from his wife, Erin, and his fans on social media. He also found it helpful to set small, achievable goals for himself and to celebrate his successes along the way. Napier shared that he was motivated by the way that his weight loss had improved his overall health and quality of life.


Ben Napier's weight loss journey is a testament to the power of making small, sustainable changes to one's diet and lifestyle. By cutting back on sugary drinks and processed foods, incorporating more fruits and vegetables into his diet, and adding exercise to his daily routine, Napier was able to lose over 55 pounds and improve his overall health.

Napier's success also highlights the importance of having a support system and setting small, achievable goals. With the support of his wife, Erin, and his fans on social media, Napier was able to stay motivated and celebrate his successes along the way.

In addition to his weight loss journey, Ben Napier is known for his passion for woodworking and his unique design style. His work on the HGTV show "Home Town" has garnered a large following of fans who admire his craftsmanship and creativity.

Overall, Ben Napier's weight loss journey serves as an inspiration to many who are looking to improve their health and well-being. By making small, sustainable changes to their diet and lifestyle, anyone can achieve their health and fitness goals and live a happier, healthier life.

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