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portable 2017 Facerig Pro V.1.757 + New Dlc (2016 / Eng / Eng / Ml) Pc

[/URL]Facerig Pro V.1.757 + New Dlc (2016 / Eng / Eng / Ml) Pc Facerig Pro V.1.757 + new DLC (2016 / ENG / ENG / ML) PCFacerig Pro V.1.757

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تاريخ التسجيل: Dec 2017
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افتراضيportable 2017 Facerig Pro V.1.757 + New Dlc (2016 / Eng / Eng / Ml) Pc

January 14th, 2018

Facerig Pro V.1.757 + new DLC (2016 / ENG / ENG / ML) PC

Facerig Pro V.1.757 + new DLC (2016 / ENG / ENG / ML) PC|5.82 GB
Facerig Pro - with this program you will get the opportunity to become unrecognizable right now without make-up and costumes, it at the moment will turn the average user into a cute little beast, a terrible monster and even in any character of your favorite cartoon or film. Facerig Pro will be useful for conversations via Skype, Hangouts and other programs, will also be claimed by the creators of computer games. Be creative, create amazing videos and share them with the world!

FaceRig - a program that allows you to control the emotions and voice of an animated character from a webcam. The resulting video output can be sent to any chat applications, such as Skype and the like, or you can record a video with the result. In addition to character animation, the program allows you to change the voice and background. Now the character is controlled by a webcam, but later the authors of the application intend to include in the program support for interfaces such as Neurowear - brain activity monitor, LEAP motion - tracking the movement of hands and fingers, Kinect 1 and 2 - for processing body movements in short, almost all interfaces about this theme.

- Facerig Pro Upgrade
- Facerig Team Fortress 2 Avatars DLC
- Octodad Free Avatar
- Starbound Free Avatars
- Facerig Halloween Avatars 2014
- The Pewdieverse DLC
- Facerig Halloween Avatars 2015
- Facerig DreadOut Avatars DLC
- Facerig Live2D Module
- Facerig Winter Holidays Avatars 2015
- Facerig Trials Fusion DLC
- Facerig Warriors
- Facerig support for Intel RealSense
- Facerig support for Leap Motion ™ Controller
- Facerig Strong Paws
- Facerig Political Avatars

1. A sea of ​​possibilities
2. Unlimited selection of characters, you can find on the net or create yourself
3. Perfect perception of facial expressions, movements and conversation
4. A great way to express yourself
5. The ability to sell created characters. The company is trying to attract talented designers.

1. Run the installation from the file Facerig Setup.exe
2. The tablet is already built into the installer, installed after the main installation of the game.
3. Connect the microphone and webcam, and enjoy.
System requirements:
- Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
- Processor: Intel Core i3-3220 or *****alent
- RAM: 2 GB
- Video adapter: NVIDIA GeForce GT220 or *****alent
- Additional software: DirectX 9.0
- Free space on hard disk: 6 GB
- Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
- Additional equipment: web camera, microphone

Title: Facerig Pro V.1.757 + new DLC (2016 / ENG / ENG / ML) PC
Released: V.1.757 - December 6, 2016
Developer: Holotech Studios
Count : 86x64
Interface ********: Russian, English, German and others
Medicine: Present (MAGNiTUDE)
Size: 5.82 GB

المصدر: منتديات تكنو فور كوم || TECHNO4COM FORUMS - من قسم: روائــع البرامــج الكاملـــة

Facerig Pro V>1>757 + New Dlc (2016 L Eng

portable 2017 Facerig Pro V.1.757 + New Dlc (2016 / Eng / Eng / Ml) Pc

Down load Here
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