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Dlubal rstab 8.09.01

DLUBAL RSTAB 8.09.01 DLUBAL RSTAB 8.09.01OS: Windows 64bit | Language: Multilanguage | Size: 1.4 GBDLUBAL RSTAB 8.09.01Dlubal Software has released 8.09.01 version of RSTAB, is a powerful analysis and design software for 3D beam, frame, or truss structure calculations, reflecting

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January 12th, 2019


OS: Windows 64bit | Language: Multilanguage | Size: 1.4 GB
Dlubal Software has released 8.09.01 version of RSTAB, is a powerful analysis and design software for 3D beam, frame, or truss structure calculations, reflecting the current state of the art and helping structural engineers to meet requirements in modern civil engineering.

RSTAB is the basis of a modular software system and provides intuitive modeling of simple and complex structures due to it's ingenious input technique. The efficient RSTAB solver allows for linear and nonlinear calculations of internal forces, deformations, and support reactions.

For further designs, there are the add-on modules available, considering structural data of specific materials and standards. Due to the modular software system, you can combine various products of Dlubal Software in a program package that meets your individual needs.

Update Report No. 02480 RSTAB 8-09-01 | 05/31/2017:

- Implementation of interfaces with AutoCAD 2018 and Revit 2018
- Release of a function for export to Advance Steel (*.smlx)
- Optimizations in printout report concerning linking between graphic and corresponding visibility
- Adjustments concerning setting for acceleration of gravity g - now it is synchronized between the main programs and DYNAM Pro. It is no longer possible to enter it discretely in RF-/DYNAM Pro.
- Adjustments concerning output of global nodal support forces for rotated supports
- Adjustments concerning representation of height dimensions
- Adjustments concerning overall view of model corresponding to its limits. The origin of co-ordinates is no longer involved.
- Adjustments concerning specific weight of aluminum according to ADM 2015
- Adjustments concerning consideration of selected combination rules (SRSS/CQC) when exporting combination to main programs
- Extension of function "Activate member divisions for large deformation or post-critical analysis" concerning import of initial strains from other load cases or load combinations
- Optimizations concerning result interpretation in results distributions

About Dlubal Software

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Since its beginnings in 1987, the Dlubal company has been involved in the development of user-friendly and powerful software for structural and dynamic analysis. With RSTAB and RFEM Dlubal offers programs for the ambitious structural engineer that meets the requirements of modern civil engineering and mirrors the current state of art. RSTAB is a 3D framework program, while RFEM represents a 3D Finite Element Analysis (FEA) program. Both are the basis of a modular software system: This basic module calculates internal forces, deformations and support reactions. For the following design, add-on modules are available which account for the specific requirements of materials and codes. Due to this modular conception of the software, a package can be assembled that is tailored to individual demands.

Supported Architectures: x64
Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even / 8.x / 10


Structural Engineering Software | Dlubal

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