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portable 2018 myegy Teamdrive Final + Portable

[/URL][URL=" Final + Portable TeamDrive Final + portableTeamDrive Final + Portable | 61 MbTeamDrive is an application designed to help you

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افتراضيportable 2018 myegy Teamdrive Final + Portable

July 11th, 2018

TeamDrive Final + portable

TeamDrive Final + Portable | 61 Mb

TeamDrive is an application designed to help you transfer and synchronize data across multiple computers that are both online and offline.The application is easy to install and requires no complex configuration. You merely need to have an account to the cloud service that is used to store the data that is to be synchronized. Afterwards, you create a space that you want to share, invite another user and start syncing. The files that you upload to the cloud are automatically transferred to the computer that was invited.

A feature that makes Teamdrive very practical for both small and big businesses is the fact that once this connection between the computers is made it automatically synchronizes the folders whenever something changes. If you have 10 systems connected, when you upload a file from one the content of the shared folder is automatically updated to all of them.
This applies to offline use as well. If the synchronization occurs when your computer is shut down the files are transferred when it goes back online. Looking at a bigger picture, if you're working on a large scale project with people that are in different ********s, the solution that Teamdrive offers is as efficient as possible.
Moreover, your data is encrypted using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) which means that no one except those with whom you choose to share the data can access it. With that in mind it's easy to see the full potential of TeamDrive.
And if you're still not convinced, think of Teamdrive as a means to backup all your important data and store it on a cloud system. You can then access it from anywhere and recover your files and ********s in case your personal or work computer malfunctions beyond repair or is corrupted.
In closing, Teamdrive is indeed an application that you can use to share, transfer and backup data in a large number of environments.
Key features:
· Synchronization of any folders and ********s within a 2 GB total limit
· Automatic version management for all ********s
· Automatic encryption of all data that leaves the computer
· Automatic back-up function for your data
· Offline work with automatic synchronisation
· Support for all file formats (********s, images, videos, programs)
· Team work (setting up of teams to work together on ********s)
· Management of access rights for as many teams as required
· Conflict management for conflicts between versions
· Free choice of server (hosted cloud services or your own server)
Security & confidentiality:
· Data Protection Seal of Privacy of the Regional Centre for Data Protection of Schleswig-Holstein (ULD)
· EuroPrise: the European data protection and privacy seal (approval pending)
Each space has its own secure AES-256 key (The keys always remain on the client computer)
· Individual al******** of user rights for each space
Network, hosting and server:
· The Teamdrive HTTP protocol for secure transfer outside your company, through firewall and proxy servers.
· HTTP tunnelling through Port 80
· Extended configuration options in the client (proxy / cache / bandwidth / profiles)
· Support for hosted Teamdrive cloud servers
· Support for self-hosted Teamdrive HTTP servers
· Support for compatible WebDAV servers (HTTP/S)
Whats New:
Version 4.1.4
Fixes and Improvements
Desktop Specific
- Improved the Agent's handling of deleted Spaces; Agent is now able to quit even if there are outstanding events for Spaces that have already been deleted.
- Now possible to send the URL of a published file via the context menu
- Fixed issues that caused Teamdrive to crash during shutdown on OS X
General Client
- Fixed issue where a Space's status would not be shown as 'offline' if the connection to the Internet was lost during startup.
- Fixed automatic trash cleanup bug
==> In case you are still use TD3: TD4 has a new user interface. Great for new users. Immediate Update not required.
We are working on tutorials to show power users the advantages of the new UI.
-> Teamdrive 4 can be installed as an update to Teamdrive 3 (currently available for Windows and Mac OSX)
Detlef Schmuck
TeamDrive Team Member


كود: Fast, safe and secure file hosting

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Teamdrive 4>1>4>1421 Final + Portable

portable 2018 myegy Teamdrive Final + Portable

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