Tweak Windows Privacy Settings
WPD (Windows Privacy Dashboard) is a tweaking application that allows you to customize a variety of Windows settings that are known to cause privacy concerns among many users.
You can use WPD to disable Telemetry, Advertising ID, Cortana, OneDrive, Error Reporting, Search Companion, Input Personalization, Customer Experience Improvement, and many other Windows features that have the potential to invade your privacy.
Of course there are several similar apps that already offer these privacy tweaks, but WPD takes it a step further and also enables you to block Windows Telemetry, Third party apps and Windows Update by automatically creating rules the block these connections via the Windows Firewall. (This feature uses the IP block list by crazy-max).
Other features include an option to uninstall the default Windows apps (MS Tips, Get Office, MSN Money etc.) as well as tweaks that let you control which of your personal data can be accessed by other apps.