Hack Os X Mountain Lion 10.8.0 portable 2017

Hack Os X Mountain Lion 10.8.0
We have always been curious about the mac system
You can install the operating system of Apple company with Intel and Amd computers in this package.
Program Name : Hack Os X Mountain Lion 
Version : 10.8.2 
Language : TR 
License : FuLL 
File Size : 4.35 Gb (.iso)
Program Features:
Remove it from the rar after you have downloaded it. Print the .iso file to a DVD with a program of your choice (Nero or PowerIso recommended). 
Then start booting your PC. You can continue the rest of the process by following the steps.
In some systems to get to the installation screen, it may be necessary to enter the opening parameters according to the hardware used. You will type these parameters, tap the keyboard with a key when the countdown bar comes out when the system is turned on with the DVD. When you type the command from the keyboard when the disc menu is displayed, you can see what is written in the bottom of the screen.
Some of these parameters are;
When started with this parameter, every movement of the system is indicated on the screen by text. If an error occurs and the system stops, we can learn why. If you need help with the problem you are experiencing in the Forum, be sure to take a picture of where it is stuck.
PCIRootUID = 1 With
this parameter you can get images and install some graphics cards. During the installation, you also get the option of entering this command at the beginning of the system by selecting the relevant option.
-x With
this command you can open the installation or the system in safe mode. The basic drivers are loaded and the problematic kextler may not load.
This command loads all kexts one by one without loading the kext cache. You can use this command after installation rather than installation.
There are also two different kernels in the DVD. If you want to try installation on a netbook (mini laptop) (64bit support is required), type setup mac_atom. If you get the "kernel panic" about "lapic" while installing the HP laptop installation, try to start it with mach_Lapic.
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