Windows 10 Pro x64 Download + UEFI + Update 2016 English portable 2017

 Windows 10 Pro x64 Download + UEFI + Update 2016 English
Windows 10 Pro x64 + UEFI + Update November 2016 , No formatted or formatted system I was created by my side to test the
integrityafter downloading the Windows 10 Pro x64 iso file with the above information. 
It is completely edited using MSDN original Windows 10 Pro 1607 Redstone x64 version. 
Addition of any components other than updates did not remove the yada. 
All updates published until November 21, 2016 are installed in the file. 
It only needs to be installed on the installed system (Windows Defender Definition Updates, Net Framework, 
Dynamic Update, etc.) are not integrated and should be installed from windows update according to the system being installed. 
The Esd compression contains dvd and usb memory, which can be printed by printing the setup. 
Uefi + normal + setup is suitable for installation. 
Activation can be licensed with yada kms by entering the original key.
Thank you to Taner Sister forever. 
 portable 2017 free download