Windows 7 Starter Sp1 Update English 2017 portable 2017

Windows 7 Starter Sp1 Update English 2017
Windows 7 Starter Sp1 Update Turkish 2017  32bit msdn iso iso format system is suitable for DVD USB is an 
ad-free component is a system that is not removed, fast and stable running low, is recommended for equipped computers, 
64bit available updates ..
It was completely edited using msdn original Windows 7 Starter SP1 x86 iso file. 
The Starter version is for low-end computers and does not have 64-bit architecture. 
Additions to any component other than updates and current network card drivers have not been removed. All updates published until 
July 16, 2017 are installed in the file. 
All network card drivers are added to the system and installed automatically during the installation and there is no internet problem. 
Fixed hanging problem on Windows 7 systems with general problem (Checking for Updates) screen. 
Esd is not compressed, installation may be worn by printing to dvd and usb memory. 
No submerged installation Suitable for Normal and Setupdan installations. 
It can be licensed with Yada Loader tool by entering the original key without activation. 
1-In order to solve the internet problem that occurred after Windows 7 installations, all known network card drivers are integrated into the 
iso file via dism installed in windows systems without using third party programs so that 
automatic hardware can be recognized and installed during formatting . If the driver is not installed during the installation and 
is experiencing internet problems, he / she will be informed of the situation by comment,

Windows 7 Starter Features
Windows 7 Starter edition is the most basic version of the Windows 7 operating system. The Starter version does not include many features such as 
Aero Glass features, personalization, multi-monitor, DVD playback, Windows Media Center, Active Directory support, 
XP Mode, 64-bit processor support. However, 
the biggest innovation in the Starter version of 
Windows 7 is the fact that Windows 7 Starter is not able to run up to 3 concurrent applications on Windows XP and Vista Starter versions . Windows 7 Starter includes Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player 
applications directly. 
Supported Maximum Ram Quantity 
32 Bit: 2gb 
64 Bit Windows 7 No Starter Edition

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