Windows 7 Professional Sp1 2017 Update 32 × 64 Bit Turkish Download portable 2017

 Windows 7 Professional Sp1 2017 Update 32 × 64 Bit Turkish Download
Windows 7 Professional Sp1 2017 Update is a 32-bit, 64-bit, up-to-date formatted system with 
all the updates added and uninstalled components completely MSDN original Windows 7 Professional SP1 edited using x86 and x64 iso files. 
Additions to any component other than updates and current network card drivers have not been removed. All updates published until 
July 19, 2017 are installed in the file. 
All network card drivers are added to the system, installed automatically during the installation and there is no internet problem. 
Fixed hanging problem on Windows 7 systems with general problem (Checking for Updates) screen. 
Esd is not compressed, DVD is small, does not install uefi, Installation can be done from the classic boot and yada setup. 
It can be licensed with Yada Loader tool by entering the original key without activation. 
1-In order to solve the internet problem that occurred after Windows 7 installations, all known network card drivers are integrated into the 
iso file via dism installed in windows systems without using third party programs so that 
automatic hardware can be recognized and installed during formatting . If the driver is not installed during the installation and 
is experiencing internet problems, he / she will be informed of the situation by comment,

Windows 7 Professional Features
Windows 7 Professional is the Windows 7 version designed for business purposes. The Windows 7 Professional operating system 
can enter an Active Directory domain, use domain resources, and therefore be centrally 
managed. In Windows 7 Professional, all the features of Windows 7 Home Premium are present 
and include many additional administrative features. Windows 7 Professional operating systems 
can be accessed from remote machines with remote desktop support. 
Support for EFS (Encrypted File System), printing convenience and presentation mode is also available in Windows 7 Professional.
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