Windows 8.1 Multiple Performance Editions Home + Pro Download Quick English portable 2017

 Windows 8.1 Multiple Performance Editions Home + Pro Download Quick English
Windows 8.1 Multiple Performance Editions Home + Pro , Systems original msdn Built using Windows 8.1 Single Language, Pro, Home x86 and x64 editions. 
There are 3 atet Windows 8.1 versions in the installation files. 
The installer determines which version to install and the system that is selected is installed. All updates released until 
July 23, 2017 are installed in systems. 
During the installation, the license key query screen does not appear, it can be installed without entering the license. 
All of the store applications on the launch menu that are installed with Windows 8.1 systems have been deleted from the system. 
All telemetry services are turned off and blocked from the hosts file. 
Windows defender, OneDrive applications and UAC are disabled. 
To have full authority over files and folders, right click on maus. Attachments have been added to the systems. 
Net Framework 3.5 is installed and comes actively. 
Unnecessary services are disabled and performance is improved as much as possible. 
The Esd compression is not done, the 4.7gb DVD and the installation may be printed by printing to usb memory. 
Uefi + Normal + Setup is suitable for installations. 
Activation can be licensed with yada kms by entering the original key. 
1-System is not a lite system. After the installation, various improvements 
were made to achieve the best performance and the original structure of the systems was maintained as much as possible. 
2-UEFI installations can only be done with iso files with 64-bit architecture. 32-bit architects do not have good support. 
Versions in the File
Windows 8.1 Pro 
Windows 8.1 Home 
Windows 8.1 Home Single Language
 portable 2017 free download