Trend Micro WannaCry Patch Open Shutdown v1.0 portable 2017

Trend Micro WannaCry Patch Open Shutdown v1.0
Check if your Windows computer is protected against WannaCry Ransomware with Trend Micro WannaCry Patch Validation 
Remote code execution can be performed on a computer because of the security vulnerability of SMB v1. This allows attackers to leave the WannaCry ransom software and other infections on a computer and you 
can close the gap with this patch.
To use the WannaCry Simple Patch Verification Tool, do the following: 
1. Download the Trend Micro WannaCry Simple Patch Verification Tool. 
2. Double-click the SupportCustomizedPackage-ms17-010-chk.exe icon to run it. 
3. When User Account Control appears, click Yes. 
4. When you see the confirmation window, click OK. 
Note: If the car detects that your computer does not have the required security patches, you need to update your Windows PC first. 
5. Click Yes to disable SMBv1 on your computer. Otherwise, click No to end the operation. 
6. After SMBv1 is disabled, click Yes to restart the computer. 
Size : 1-mb 
Compression : Rar / Unencrypted
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